Westcountry Rally


The who, what and where

The Westcountry Rally is a 9 day rally around, funnily enough, the Westcountry. Over the course of the 9 days, we’ll be taking in some of the most iconic sites, experiences and some of the best roads that Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset have to offer.

Having grown up and lived in Devon, all my life. I’ve had the opportunity to explore a huge amount of the Westcountry. Whether it was being outdoors or working in vans.

Any vehicle is welcome to join us, the whole time is a mix up of routes. Some days we might be driving together. Other days there will be a few choices. At the end of every day we’ll all meet up share stories, have a laugh, see what we have found that day and of course try some famous Westcountry cider!

On another note you might have come across this adventure by chance and have no idea who on earth I am or if I am capable of leading you around the Westcountry. I recommend that you have a "quick", sorry it might not be that quick, read up about my previous adventures over on the About page.


4th – 13th September 2020


The Price            

Lets keep things plain and simple here. The price is £250 for a team of two, for the duration of the rally. For every extra person in your team is £25. So a team of 4 would be £300.

All other estimated costs can be found below, but, before we get there though.

What’s included

  • A Road Map around the Westcountry, along with pre-loaded online map with .
  • An optional FREE guided walk on Dartmoor. (We must be going there at some point).
  • Discounts on experiences, attractions and other goodies (As much as I can haggle)
  • Daily finds and challenges… nothing too outrageous here
  • Local knowledge and contacts to help with "any" situation that might arise.
  • Ferry crossings, yep there’s some of them en route!
  • Car Stickers, of course! Including your version of RM Adventures…

What’s NOT included

  • Accommodation, although not included I’m working on arranging discounts, along with recommendations. I will be staying with you, so who knows!
  • Fuel, this one I feel is fairly self-explanatory.
  • Any Adventures/activities that you take part in, although I am working on discounts for many of these. Which will be released in due course.



Throughout the course of this adventure there will be a combination of camping some nights and hotels/hostels/whatever you can find. With camping the nights while totally not mandatory the aim is to all camp together share stories and have a laugh. Although within those days there are options for a proper bed as well.

Cost breakdown

What are you likely to spend? We all what to know how much to put aside for any kind of holiday or adventure. Having had many adventures on extreme budgets, I can pretty accurately budget for many adventures. So this a guestimate for you. Of course, I have no idea what you might what to spend on things so take this with a pitch of salt.

So let’s go through this:


Now this just guestimate. I’ve aired slightly on the high side with some things. Others are more reasonable. Some such as accommodation and activities/outings, I am working on, so there is a chance that these will drop further.

Then again this is also completely dependent on you and your team what you are what to spend your money on.



Day 1 – (Evening meet and greet)

We will all meet up Friday evening from around 20:00 (8pm) just outside of Taunton were there is plenty of accommodation to meet and great with everyone else, checking out all the vehicles joining us. Taunton has all kinds of accommodation for all kinds of needs.

Day 2 – (So it begins…) 

The first day of our adventure will see us covering gorgeous roads and scenic sites, on two routes of your choice. With many places to explore off these routes which we have been through. The choices are difficult as there are so many! It depends what you fancy hikes, sea cliffs, high moorlands, coastal villages, off grid pubs, beaches or historical buildings. Take your pick, what do you fancy?!

Day 3 – (What Adventure do you choose?) 

First order of the day, time to try our hand at some surfing, that’s if you want of course. If that doesn’t float your boat, there’s so much adventure to be had here. Horse riding, hiking, sunbathing (hopefully) and who knows what adventures we might find here.

Day 4 – (Time to really move…) 

A place famous for it’s castle, tin mines and immense cliffs. It would be insanely rude not to have look around. That’s before heading further in to the depths of the peninsula, but before that there is the chance to see who's the fastest…

Day 5 – (To the end of the world…) 

Onwards to the end of the world, I wonder can you guess where this is? Well your probably right. However, we’ve got a twist for getting there, along with our list of things to see along this dramatic piece of coastline.

Day 6 – (Into water and space) 

From the world we venture all together in to land of space Lizards! Confused? Good that's the point you'll have to come along and find out. (Shameless plug alert!) well but we have to show you this place. Corr this getting more cryptic by the minute. Along side that we will be taking the cars for a swim with the help of our first ferry.

Day 7 – (Lets get some height) 

A short drive together today, followed by our guided walk. If an easy walk around this fantastic place of history isn't your thing. How about something on 2 wheels or 4 legs? Then again how about just enjoying the peace and quiet. Or there's a big brewery here, just saying...

Day 8 – (The driving roads) 

A chance to explore some open moor or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Either way the road are flipping brilliant today. So fill your boots or tyres! There is another ferry on one of the routes today. Will you get your wet feet or not?

Day 9 – (Into the Lanes) 

It would be incredibly rude not to have the opportunity to see some wildlife not to take it really. And oh is there a selection, plus there's something pretty awesome lined up today. Alongside that the route today takes us all in to some of the lanes if you choose along some fantastic windy roads.


Day 10 – (The end is nigh) 

Today is a short drive well it would be very rude to not have a last drink together. We are aiming to be back at the Taunton for 13:00, as I'm aware some of you might have long drives ahead of you, after a week of driving 500 miles roughly. You can’t leave before some customary prizes are given out. Well I suppose you can really, if you want...



While I've factored all of the risks that could potentially happen, this is an Overland ADVENTURE. As such there are some things that will be out of my control, which could lead to risks of injury or death. As a result RM Adventures cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occur whilst taking part in this adventure.

YOU and YOUR team mates are responsible for your vehicle, which means it has to be abide by to UK Laws. This seems obvious and it is, but I have to say it, we all know how the legal stuff works with this kind of adventure.


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