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Travelling Cheap: Accommodation



Accommodation, transport and visas, are some of the most expensive costs when travelling, as travellers we are always counting money to try and get the cheapest deals on all of the above. In this section we are looking in to cheap accommodation around Europe in particular but generally at ways of finding cheap places to stay where ever in the world you may be travelling.


Camping is by far one of the cheapest accommodation options as it’s usually FREE if you are wild camping or there may be a small charge which can differ depending where you are. Wild camping in Europe in particular is a grey area as in many countries there is no set law as to where you can wild camp.

Here is a little more information:


Hostels are a great place to meet people and explore the city. The advantage of having a bed, either in a dorm, whether it’s mixed or same sex, or in many hostels there is an option to have a private room if you are willing to pay a little extra.  It really does depend on what you are looking for in Hostel. There are hostels such as the The Tent in Munich, where you are given a foam mat, blankets and a bit of floor space costing around 8 Euros a night. At the other end of the scale a stay in the Generator Hostel Hamburg you would be looking at 36.80 Euros per night (both in June for 1 person), however you also have access to every kind of facilities like, wifi, a bar, travel shop  and food available throughout the day.

These are some of the best sites available for looking up hostels:
Hostel World


Another option for those who want to get to know the locals and sleep very cheaply, is couchsurfing. This is a platform where hosts offer up there, couch, settees, spare rooms or whatever they have really this is usually free although is varies and if there is a charge its usually nominal. The great thing about couch surfing is staying with locals they know all the ‘cool’ spots to hang out and see in there town or city.

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