Being a bank holiday Monday, Paul and I decided to go for a paddle with the kayaks, however, little did we know how low the water was and ended up going for a swim at Spitchwick on the River Dart. I have never been to Spitchwick, and when we got there I realised I had been missing out on a lot! After a quick scout around and avoiding everybody we get to waters edge. To discover that despite it being sunny and quite warm the water was pretty damn cold! Not that this deterred us, after much procrastinating we plunged in to the deep as you could say. After a quick swim – a very quick swim- we stopped and watched some people jump off of a ledge that was a considerable height above the river. It looked pretty dicey especially with the water quite low. If the water was higher, I might have tired it and if it was warmer! But as it was not there was no chance.
It just shows how little of the world I have seen that I did not even know about a brilliant venue right on my door step, time for some more adventures closer to home one feels.

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