Westcountry Adventures

River Dart Country Park

Spent today working down at the River Dart Country Park in Ashburton. It was a insanely cold probably in the region of -2. To be standing around working with metal clips on the high ropes course does really give you cold hands. On the plus side this was trail day for working down at the Park as well as the grand opening of there new high ropes course which I have to say is very impressive indeed.
For any willing to give it a go it very fun indeed, enduring and tricky in some places on the likes of the swing bridges and the see saw, but incredibly fun, although, if I were you I would wait until the weather gets a little warmer to be doing this sort of activity
I am off to the Brecon Beacons next Friday and will be reviewing the Paramo Velez Light Adventure Smock in pretty rough conditions if what the Metoffice says sticks. Before then though I will talking about some of my goals and will I be sorting some more videos out on my Youtube channel, mainly of some the recent climbing I have done.

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