Explore huh, What is it good for? Absolutely everyone!

The RGS Explore 2015, in the Royal Geographical Society London. A weekend of workshops, lectures  and meeting fellow adventurers and scientists.

I had the pleasure of meeting the man who first inspired me to explore. Nicholas Crane’s Map Man series is what I like to call the start of my adventurous spirit and for me starting to collect maps. The 2 seasons follow Nic, as he follows the maps that changed the way in which we see Britain.

Explore! I highly recommend RGS Explore 2015 to anyone who what’s to go an expedition, adventure, scientific research or all three!

The weekend consists of lectures, workshops, talks and loads of networking. I was not alone in this endeavour as I had went to Explore with Max. As we where hoping to get some information about our up and coming project. We are know have 2 projects after this weekend and which has a lot of support from the Adventurous community.
The inspiration and buzz in the atmosphere over the weekend is just incredible, I believe this was influenced by the first class lectures. lectures on Citizen Science from James Borrell and Communicating from the Field with National Geographic’s Justin Hall. This is only a small selection from the list.
As well as lectures I attended several workshops over the weekend, one which was blogging and writing, I thought I should try and up my game! It was a very interesting workshop and I learnt a lot about different angle and writing styles and also about the Northwest Passage from a gentleman sat next to me. The other workshops that I went along to was the mountaineering and trekking expeditions, very interesting indeed hearing what different people suggest in different environments.
This is just a few of the workshops and lectures that occurred there where so many it was rather hard to choose from all of them, to see a full list check out this years programme: Explore 2015

For a bit of a different perspective  check out this awesome video from Alexandrina Fleming check out some of her other work as well as she is also a very talented photographer. Also, see if you can spot me. I’ll give you a clue I’m the one making a fool of myself!


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