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Berghaus Capacitor 35 Rucksack


So, the kind people at have given me the opportunity to review a day rucksack. The rucksack in question, is the Berghaus Capacitor 35.

Berghaus describe this as a “Simple and Efficient 35L Pack designed for a Big Day on the Hills”

First Impressions
The first impression that I got when I received the Capacitor, was that it was robust pack that could be taken anywhere, take a beating and triumph without any problems. The other thing was that it looked quite basic, in the terms of the features – this was view was changed after further inspection.
The Berghaus Capacitor 35, has a lot of features to offer that make this pack versatile to handle a large range of the outdoor pursuits. The map pocket which is incorporated in the back plate made life so much easier. Instead of having to keep hold of my map the whole time, it can be simply stored away.
Berghaus C
Other features like the split waist straps are a really clever yet simple feature. They keep the pressure off your pelvis while being a snug fit – my case they where – allowing weight distribution. It would be nice if a pocket had been added to the hip belts, just to give that extra space for those nibbles when out. I would like to point out that I am very keen on pockets such as this.
Other features include the side compression straps, side pockets, a hydration tube strap and walking pole attachments.
I am about 5” 7′ so by no means tall and the back size fits me very well, however, if you are above 6” I can imagine that it would. But then having said that this a day pack, it is not designed to be carrying a huge amount of weight. Even when full this pack is comfortable and I found it hard to get something to dig in to my back.
There are only a few things that I am not keen on this pack; one being the top cover pocket zip, it is really fiddly going around the corners when opening and closing the pocket. The other thing that bugged me was the length of the hip straps, they just seemed far to short for my liking. The extra support would be nice, but, then again you are not likely to be carrying 3 days worth of gear with this pack. The map pocket an amazing features it it’s self has a problem. I kept going for my map only to discover it had fallen down inside the back plate, leaving me with no choose but to take the pack off and fish it out. On the plus side it can hold more than one map, although, I highly doubt that this would be needed with this pack.
The Berghaus Capacitor 35 is a brilliant day rucksack, that can handle being treated a little roughly. The size it perfect for the heading out on the mountain, moor or fell for the day with friends or family. With it’s features it makes carrying loads out on moor easier. It can also be used to getting kit to the office, college or just using as a general pack, it is also very good on motorcycles if anybody is interested.

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