Hidden Gems of Boston: Stuck in time, in a 3 storey map.

There are several hidden gems in Boston and I’m positive that this list is not all of them.  This is a just select few that I found, with a little bit of help from a local.

The Mapparium, located in the the Mary Eddy Baker Library. This 3 storey stained-glass globe in viewed from the inside on a 9.1m bridge. It was completed in 1935 based on the Rand Mcnally political map from 1934. Since then it has been opened up for debate to update this globe, each time it was put off.

Standing in the centre of the Mapparium, gives me the sense of listening in on everyone. A whisper here sounds like normal speech. It’s quite surreal.

Richard in front of a model of the Mapparium

Being pretty interested in Geopolitics, this to me was incredible, showing the how the world is now so different compared to 83 years ago. There are really are some incredible differences, including countries that don’t exist today and areas of the world that are still under imperial rule. It’s  to think that some 80 years ago the world was a very different place. Being in the centre, I personally had never realised how far north of the equator, Europe, Asia and the North America are.

I hope you take some time to visit the Mapparium, it’s well worth it. Parts of the Mary Eddy Library (were the Mapparium is) and nearby church were under going some sort of works. I shall have to explore them next time.

Do you know of any hidden gems in Boston? 

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