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Kayaking to the Parson and Clarke

From the Sunday outing with the Scouts which went very well – click here to read up on the Scouts Kayaking. Teignbridge Canoe & Kayak Club, asked if I was going to be coming along for there sea session on the upcoming Wednesday. Of course I could not let an opportunity like that to just fly by.

So on Wednesday 1st May, I joined Teignbridge Canoe Club at their club hut in Teignmouth to go for a paddle. After sorting out everyone getting boats and spray decks that matched up it was time to hit the water. The sea was a little bit choppy but nothing to really worry about, after launching we messed around a bit before heading off towards the Parson and Clark some 2 kilometres away. The boat that I had got was a Pyranha Stunt Bat, which is an awesome boat for surfing and I would guess in estuary’s, but, it was a struggle in the sea. With it being about 7 foot long it was better off that some of the play boats, however, it was incredibly low in the water, meaning that still I got chucked around quite a bit. At the Parson and Clark we had general chat as well went through the arch, which was an interesting experience with waves coming through form the other side. As well as the arch we meet some seals that came to say hi by swimming around our boats. It was a shame that none of us caught them on camera, although seals and dolphins are getting quite common off Teignmouth so I am sure I will get another chance. We then headed back to the Teignmouth for some well deserved food. Which was similar to the way back apart from somebody rolling there boat luckily it was just of the beach. After getting everybody off the beach and back at the hut it was time to clean up the boats, before we all headed off.


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