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Kayaking the Exe Canal

So, Sunday 28th April I was helping out with Teignbridge Canoe Club who where running a trip for two Scout Troops. The club run the trip every year for the Scouts to introduce more people in to the outdoors and the sport. I personally was a member of the club some 7 years ago where I got my 2*, however, since then I have done a 6 session white water course, assisted with various a canoeing trips and nearly got my 3* in kayaking.

I meet some of the club members at there club hut in Teignmouth at 08:30 to met some of the club members, it was then a case packing up as much as possible that was in the club hut – Kayaks, buoyancy aids, cags, spray decks and paddles – and transport up to the Exe Shipping Canal. The first group of Scouts arrived around 09:30 bringing some of there own kayaks. which was really useful considering there around 25 Scouts turned up so things where pretty maniac. Luckily for me I was able to join the adults and refresh my skills. It was interesting to see that it did not take long before I able to get a half decent sculling brace, although not very well, but hay I was impressed nonetheless. We then went for a paddle up to Double Locks Pub and back and I have to say, if anybody is in the area it is well worth a look in. After a spot of lunch and saying fair well to the first group, the second troop of Scouts arrived.

A similar amount of Scouts arrived for the afternoon session, which was more chaotic with a fair few capsizes. I was on drifting duty simply I was drifting between all the different groups, giving little pointers and just generally helping out. I also had some chats with some old friends one in particular was Andy who we then sorted out a load of activities to do in the coming weeks including  coasteering  and some outdoor climbing if the weather stays nice. Then to end the day we headed back to the club hut to sort out all the wet gear.

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