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Getting back in to climbing

Right has started raining again that is it summer is over, I say that I certainly hope that is it not over, but then this is Britain so anything could happen. As the weather was pretty bad climbing and bouldering on Dartmoor was not a good idea, seeming the fog had come in and it had been raining all day.
This left me and the rest of tribe with heading on down to Dartrock Climbing Centre in Buckfastleigh. We were kind of guessing that it would be a little bit busy, but, it was completely packed there was a queue in the bouldering room. Luckily for us it soon cleared and we managed to get some routes done. I had no intention of mainly due to instructing some friends and to give my recovering knees an easy time. Although I did manage to finish a few routes though mainly around VB – V1 plus a V3 that I had done previously.
From bouldering I took them around to have a bash at some top roping, leaving me on the belay for the rest of the evening. I also meet my walking group leader assessor from Vixon Climbing, which was awesome as I sorted out doing my climbing wall award training later in the year. Whilst having a good old chin-wag, Drew and Cam got my rope out and went for some lead climbing, well I guess they were I was too busy belaying. On the last climb of the day I managed to lead a 5+, I did it relatively clean, but had to have a break near the top, so not too much of a problem.


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