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First time wild camping

There is nothing better than going outdoors in the sun, it is better still getting home and being able to write the blog about the trip in the sun. On Saturday I took my younger brother on his first outing to Dartmoor camping and hiking. We started out by looking for some bluebells over by Hound Tor, which you read about below. The adventure really started from Combestone Tor a beautiful place much like the rest of the moor.. We had been blessed with glorious weather although, it was quite windy which did take the edge off a little bit. From Combestone we headed on up to Ryders Hill to get some amazing views of all of Lyme Bay from Dartmouth all the way around to the white cliffs of The Jurassic Coast. Annoyingly my camera had run out of juice and my video cameras photo function is not very good to get all of the detail, maybe a new invest is on the horizons. A quick stop on Ryders Hill with some jelly babies to keep us going, we headed on down to Snowdon, no we have not suddenly gone to Wales. No this Snowdon is not quite as impressive as Yr Wyddfa, however, it does offer some amazing views as well as an insight in to the history of Dartmoor, with some Carins and some Tin Workings. From Snowdon we dropped down in to the valley to our campsite at Chalk Ford (SX 682 685). The campsite is picturesque right next to a small river and only a few k’s from Scorriton which has lovely inn. There is a downside to Chalk Ford, the ground is very hard and very rocky, there is also a limited amount of decent camping space although, 3 maybe 4 small tents could get in with some careful planning.

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