Water Adventures

Christening the Yak Adventure Cag

It was weird coming home from work to find the sun still out and it still warm! Being a Wednesday Teignbridge Canoe Club meet at their club, on the sea wall in front of the Lido and go for a paddle in the sea. depending on the weather they go out to the Parson and Clarke, surfing or up the estuary.

Seemed like a good opportunity to try out my new Yak Adventure Cag and me being a bargain hunter, I got it for a silly price around £40.00 instead of a £110.00. I have to report that after one use it seems like good piece of kit, especially for touring. I can not really comment on how it performs after that untill i use it more which I will without a doubt. The paddle out to the Parson and Clarke was a sunny and windy one. It was a fairly uneventful paddle up and around the Parson and Clarke apart from being blown around a bit it was fine. However, the best thing about the paddle was meeting new people and getting pointers off of the more experienced people. The trip back was very similar more socialising.

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