My 17 most incredible experiences in 2017

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With 2017 over, it’s now time to have a little reflection on the adventures that I had, the people I meet and the incredible cultures that I had the opportunity to experience. In total I would say I spent over 8 months of the year adventuring which wasn’t always good fun – that’s a whole other set of experiences. Nealry all of these months were spent with Global Convoy. These are just a hand picked few experiences in places that blow me away with awe, horror and amazement, among some other emotions. 1. Machu Picchu, Peru Machu Picchu has been on […]

Hitchhiking in Japan

Global Convoy Hitchhiking: Day 4

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The second failure… After failing to hitch last night we had to spend another night in the services. We put our failure down to the fact that we looked rather too crazy for the people of Gotemba. The second failure was our inability to wake up… Instead of waking up at 6 as planned we both woke up at 10. On the plus side we both felt very refreshed at least. Hitching again We waited in the services for 3 hours, waiting for a kind person to pick us up. Then we met Tagahasi the coach driver! Yes, this gentleman […]

Wooden bridge

Global Convoy Hitchhiking: Day 3 

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The View We woke up late, but it was worth after last nights adventure. We also had an amazing view of Mount Fuji. Or would  have been if it was not for all the fog.  It was also the day we decided to go for a causal stroll up a mountain. The Volcanoes! Leaving our, car park we walked up to a local campsite where the kind receptionist lets us leave our bags for the day. Our causal stroll looking at the maps was 5km or an hour an half walk, how stupid us to think this… The mountain, was […]


Global Convoy Hitchhiking: Day 2

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Nature… We both had a terrible nights sleep, thanks to an inconvenient typhoon. Being a typhoon it didn’t let up until morning, however it did give us a lovely new swimming pool in the park. Having taken shelter in the toilets, we did what we could only do when your stuck in a toilet in Japan and charged our phones, learnt some Japanese and harmonized with the rain. We also went around  establishing The Republic of Toiletstan, an interesting country were the currency is high fives. Hitchhiking to Osaka When the rain parted we begun our hitchhiking, again. We were […]

Global Convoy Hitchhiking: Day 1

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A Challenge Set As part of the Global Convoy – travelling around the world for a as cheap as possible – we got set the challenge of hitchhiking from Tokyo, Japan to Seoul, South Korea. Not an easy challenge when half the group have never hitched a “ride”, nonetheless we had a go and here is what my Team got up to. Team Muchantos: So Team Muchantos a combination of myself and Andrè Correia a photo journalist from Portugal, started out on a very wet Saturday afternoon, not the best time to be hitchhiking. Our plan was to be in Osaka […]

Barranco Beach

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Barranco Beach, situated in the Algarve close to the town of Sagres. This is an amazing place to visit for many reasons; one being that there is a semi permanent hippie community on the beach. Who are a very  friendly and welcoming people, sharing there stories fire and beer with us on our escapade. The beach is amazing just like many of the beaches in the Algarve, although like others this one has not been touched by tourism or anything of that matter. As such there are no facilities at all apart a compost toilet, there isn’t even a road! Having said that […]

Planning a road trip escapade – The day before

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Escapade escapade ˈɛskəpeɪd,ˌɛskəˈpeɪd noun an act or incident involving excitement, daring, or adventure. “he told of their escapade with a ‘borrowed’ truck” The planning stage – What’s this? Well this one is easy, we didn’t plan anything, the ferry, the route absolutely nothing! Well that’s not strictly true the plan was to help a friend from the Mongol Rally move house from Lisbon to Amsterdam. Apart from this nothing was planned not even a ferry crossing, where we would be staying, nothing! This trip was in fact so spontaneous that I called my ‘boss’ up Saturday morning and told him I […]

Conquer Earth – Travel and Adventure

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Welcome to Conquer Earth a project that I am working with to help inspire adventure, travel and general wanderlust. This the first of many videos to come  check out the channel for many more adventures, travels and how to have your own adventures.

The A to Z Challenge

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I have decided to take on the A to Z challenge in April 2016. During April I, along with over a thousand plus other bloggers will be posting to our blogs with a post that begins with every letter of the alphabet. I will of course be posting on mainly travel and adventure topics as always but I am going to through a few spanners in as well. I hope you enjoy all the posts throughout April. However in the mean time have a look around the website.

The end for 2015, the adventures of 2016

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The end is nigh for 2015, however 2016 is now here! Looking back at pictures, postcards and bits of film, it has been an interesting year to say the least. There have been many adventures, some big changes and I have met some amazing people. It has been a year of enlightenment, a year I would like to call the light bulb year! I have personally found that thing that makes me really itch and what to get up and go. Yes you might have guessed this blog is very much involved in that idea. Well the Mongol Rally to start […]