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Bluebell hunt

Last week I had a conversation with Two Blondes Walking on twitter. After seeing the pictures that they had taken of the bluebells around Hound Tor and Holwell Lawn. Some of the pictures that they posted were very good indeed, if you want to have a look check them out on there blog. Yesterday I dragged my brother out to go and find some bluebells or ‘blueberrys’ as my brouther called them. After parking up on the south west side of Saddle Tor it was only a short trip down to Emsworthy. I had seen some good pictures of Emsworthy from many different people saying that it has some amazing bluebells. I did get a few pictures of the bluebells, unfortunately my camera did them no justice. From Emsworthy we could see Holwell Lawn and I have to say it was looking incredibly blue. It looks like another trip is on the horizons, possibly Tuesday when we go climbing.

Emsworthy near Saddle Tor

When driving home via a detour to have a look at some camping near Holne, also, we went through Hembury Woods and where surprised to find it completely full of bluebells. If anybody is in the local area it might be worth a look.

Please share any photos that you have on my Twitter page.

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