Haldon Aerodrome Search

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After going through many links on the Internet during the week I stumbled upon a fact that intrigued me; Teignmouth used to have an Aerodrome and quite a large one at that. Little Haldon Aerodrome approximately 4 km from Teignmouth, was used from 1928 until 1946. Discovering this I wanted to find out more so I went for a ramble around Haldon looking for any signs of the Aerodrome. My search was quite unfruitful apart from some ruins that I had no idea whether they belong to the Aerodrome or not. It is a real shame as “Teignmouth Airport” as […]


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Being a bank holiday Monday, Paul and I decided to go for a paddle with the kayaks, however, little did we know how low the water was and ended up going for a swim at Spitchwick on the River Dart. I have never been to Spitchwick, and when we got there I realised I had been missing out on a lot! After a quick scout around and avoiding everybody we get to waters edge. To discover that despite it being sunny and quite warm the water was pretty damn cold! Not that this deterred us, after much procrastinating we plunged […]

Berghaus Capacitor 35 Rucksack

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    So, the kind people at Outdoorkit.co.uk have given me the opportunity to review a day rucksack. The rucksack in question, is the Berghaus Capacitor 35. Berghaus describe this as a “Simple and Efficient 35L Pack designed for a Big Day on the Hills” First Impressions The first impression that I got when I received the Capacitor, was that it was robust pack that could be taken anywhere, take a beating and triumph without any problems. The other thing was that it looked quite basic, in the terms of the features – this was view was changed after further inspection. […]

Kayaking to the Parson and Clarke

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From the Sunday outing with the Scouts which went very well – click here to read up on the Scouts Kayaking. Teignbridge Canoe & Kayak Club, asked if I was going to be coming along for there sea session on the upcoming Wednesday. Of course I could not let an opportunity like that to just fly by. So on Wednesday 1st May, I joined Teignbridge Canoe Club at their club hut in Teignmouth to go for a paddle. After sorting out everyone getting boats and spray decks that matched up it was time to hit the water. The sea was a […]

Kayaking the Exe Canal

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So, Sunday 28th April I was helping out with Teignbridge Canoe Club who where running a trip for two Scout Troops. The club run the trip every year for the Scouts to introduce more people in to the outdoors and the sport. I personally was a member of the club some 7 years ago where I got my 2*, however, since then I have done a 6 session white water course, assisted with various a canoeing trips and nearly got my 3* in kayaking. I meet some of the club members at there club hut in Teignmouth at 08:30 to […]

Dartmoor Sun and Fire

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Saturday 13th April, having a late night before and then having to wake up at 05:00 was not a fun start to the day, but, having to drive for an hour to Prewley Farm (SX 547 910)  to meet a Scout Group who I would be walking with this weekend. The weather was an odd one, I could not decide whether to wear shorts or not as it was very sunny so I would get warm while walking, however the group I was walking with would be going slow. The group that I was walking with had never been out […]

Brecon Brecons – Stairway to Heaven, Fan Y big

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Sunday 31st March, after yet another cold night in Cwn Llwch and the clocks changing depriving us of our sleep. Not that it mattered to us as well were all in bed by about 9 and up 9 so still a good night sleep. After an amazing breakfast of chocolate bread and bacon cooked Trangia style. We were also bless with lovely weather yet again, making our short drive over to Tal-y-Bont Resivour very pleasant. We arrived at the bottom of was is know as the “Stairway to Heaven”, which from having walked up 2 years ago for my Gold Duke […]

Brecon Beacons – Pen Y Fan, Cribyn and Corn Du

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Saturday 30th March, after a freezing cold night, it must have been about -2 or -3, in a sleeping bag that is only just suitable for camping out in the summer. I woke up around 08:00 to glorious sun shine, although it was still bitterly cold. After getting a brew on and having grub, Me and Cameroon woken Drew from his sleep. From our camp site Modrydd farm (which I posted about earlier on), we started by following the river up the valley of Cwn Llwch. The further we ascended the more snow we encountered for obvious reasons, we enter […]

Llangorse Activity Centre

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On Friday 29th March Cameroon, Drew and myself ventured in to Llangorse Multi Activity Centre to do a spot of climbing and generally just have a mess around. And I have to say we were very pleasantly surprised with what climbing they had to offer. From the standard climbing walls to an indoor high ropes course and real limestone climbing inside. Starting out with a little bit of a boulder and traverse around the small but very impressive bouldering room, The routes are some what confusing to follow so we hardly did any proper routes although we did have abash at […]

Modrydd Campsite

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Friday 29th March, leaving Teignmouth to head up to the Brecon Beacons for the Easter weekend. It was a challenge just getting there as my car is not very big and with four days worth of kit and three people it was pretty interesting with the suspension taking a beating. After a 3 hour drive we arrived at the camp site; a field owned by the Powell Family which is in the valley of the horseshoe ridge of Pen Y Fan, Corn Du and Cefn Cwn Llwch. The camp site itself is amazing if you are willing to wild camp […]