Moorland Guides – Haytor Quarry

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Last night I joined Mike from the Moorland Guides of Dartmoor and Beyond for a walk with the Widecombe History Group, with the topic being quarrying and the general history of Haytor, which was being lead by a Dartmoor National Park Authority archaeologist. The weather when we all gathered at the car park above the visitor centre away from the main road, was pretty bad in all fairness with thick fog, wind and rain. Most of the members of History group were not that keen on walking in these conditions and with not being able to see that far there […]

Getting back in to climbing

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Right has started raining again that is it summer is over, I say that I certainly hope that is it not over, but then this is Britain so anything could happen. As the weather was pretty bad climbing and bouldering on Dartmoor was not a good idea, seeming the fog had come in and it had been raining all day. This left me and the rest of tribe with heading on down to Dartrock Climbing Centre in Buckfastleigh. We were kind of guessing that it would be a little bit busy, but, it was completely packed there was a queue […]

Sunbathing and a walk

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Saturday another yet another glorious day (this sunshine has to end soon though). A good day for going for a gentle stroll and sunbathing. I picked up Phil and we headed up to Princetown and the home of the Fox Tor cafe. Before venturing in to the Fox Tor we needed to work up an appetite, from Princetown we headed towards Nun’s Cross Farm a pleasant walk in it’s self, we saw a fair few people out on the path, as well as, several planes flying around including a bi-plane not a common site these days. Before getting down to […]

Sunset over Dartmoor

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Yet another glorious evening down here in sunny Devon, another bouldering session was on the cards with difference this time though. As I am still injured with my knees being messed up and being able to bend my left leg past about 30 degrees. Any how enough of me trying to get sympathy, as we were having a BBQ as well it took us a while to get up on to the moor via a trip to Sainsbury’s for some food. Once on Hound Tor we had a roam around trying to find some routes, Cam decided to solo a […]

Animals out in the sun…

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On waking up after a relatively good nights sleep – the post below has day 1 of the adventure – it was time to get home and get off to a meal for midday. Leaving Chalk Ford we headed towards Scorriton on the Two Moors Way, before heading back on ourselves to the open moor. This track took us through some meadows, we noticed on the way several bird watching towers in the valley below. Another 500 metres down the track we came across a large herd of deer, there must have been at least 30 maybe more, being very […]

First time wild camping

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There is nothing better than going outdoors in the sun, it is better still getting home and being able to write the blog about the trip in the sun. On Saturday I took my younger brother on his first outing to Dartmoor camping and hiking. We started out by looking for some bluebells over by Hound Tor, which you read about below. The adventure really started from Combestone Tor a beautiful place much like the rest of the moor.. We had been blessed with glorious weather although, it was quite windy which did take the edge off a little bit. […]

Bluebell hunt

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Last week I had a conversation with Two Blondes Walking on twitter. After seeing the pictures that they had taken of the bluebells around Hound Tor and Holwell Lawn. Some of the pictures that they posted were very good indeed, if you want to have a look check them out on there blog. Yesterday I dragged my brother out to go and find some bluebells or ‘blueberrys’ as my brouther called them. After parking up on the south west side of Saddle Tor it was only a short trip down to Emsworthy. I had seen some good pictures of Emsworthy […]

Open fire cooking

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  Nothing better than to finish the week off with than going up to the youth centre and cook up some food on an open fire with the young people – of course we took the necessary actions for there safety. The young people where very much involved in the setting up and cooking (under close supervision). I have to so they thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as the sausages! We cooked them up in a Dutch oven on a fire bowl, the Dutch oven is an awesome thing for cooking in as it can cook almost anything in […]

Christening the Yak Adventure Cag

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It was weird coming home from work to find the sun still out and it still warm! Being a Wednesday Teignbridge Canoe Club meet at their club, on the sea wall in front of the Lido and go for a paddle in the sea. depending on the weather they go out to the Parson and Clarke, surfing or up the estuary. Seemed like a good opportunity to try out my new Yak Adventure Cag and me being a bargain hunter, I got it for a silly price around £40.00 instead of a £110.00. I have to report that after one use it […]

Dartmoor Walks – Homeward Bound

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Waking up on Sunday it was a glorious day, which was good – well when is it not good! – as I was heading out with Moorland Guides with the intent of learning the ropes of guiding. After a short drive up to Hound Tor car park and getting a little jealous of some people going climbing. I joined the group of several other people waiting to go out on the Homeward Bound walk with John Lowe. John Lowe is an old friend of mine who I meet from my time with at 624 Volunteer Gliding Squadron. John introduced the […]