Adventure Travel is good for your Mental Health

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So I found this interesting article on mental health whilst searching in the bottomless pit that is the internet. This article was found and written on Getupandgo’s blog, an Adventure Travel company based in India. Most of the things that mention in this post I know can relate to especially on the Mongol Rally. What do you think? Leave a comment below. LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND It doesn’t happen when you start packing, or when you stay up half the night before your trip trying to answer emails and take out the trash. But once you board the plane, train […]

Explore huh, What is it good for? Absolutely everyone!

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The RGS Explore 2015, in the Royal Geographical Society London. A weekend of workshops, lectures  and meeting fellow adventurers and scientists. I had the pleasure of meeting the man who first inspired me to explore. Nicholas Crane’s Map Man series is what I like to call the start of my adventurous spirit and for me starting to collect maps. The 2 seasons follow Nic, as he follows the maps that changed the way in which we see Britain. Explore! I highly recommend RGS Explore 2015 to anyone who what’s to go an expedition, adventure, scientific research or all three! The weekend […]

Dartmoor Walking Festival

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As a Walking Group Leader and Dartmoor Guide I’ve been out on Dartmoor quite a lot along with hundreds of thousands of others, it’s a big place after all. It occurred to me earlier this year that Dartmoor has no walking festival which is a shame, considering the vast treks and paths, history and archaeology. Well for 2016 that’s changed: introducing the first Dartmoor Walking Festival! The festival is being organised by myself and Simon Dell the owner of Moorland Guides. We have had a pretty busy leading up this point, but we nearly have everything covered. I say everything we […]

An Adventure close to home…

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Instead of driving out to Dartmoor or Haldon for the evening, I headed for the back garden with my brother. We spent a bit of fire making and relaxation as the evenings begin grow colder. As we where so close to home it was literally a case of grabbing the fire box and heading out the back, lighting up the fire and sitting back and enjoying the moment. Unfortunately the ‘fire box’ and old ammo box with holes drilled in it was suffering from a case of of insufficient oxygen supply. Nonetheless it was still a very relaxing evening.

On a biking adventure… from scratch

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There is no better feeling of freedom than taking a motorcycle and just riding, it doesn’t matter were you are going, it’s exhilarating. It’s the dream of many people to travel the world on 2 wheels, I am one of  those people. To take on such an adventure the general consensus is that of a bike like Euan Mcgregor’s BMW 1200 GS, with all it’s gizmo’s and gadgets. A quick search shows that a second hand one is going to set you back £3,000, plus visas, insurance, gear. Now for many students this way out of their budget let alone having a license to […]

Coast to the Moor

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The Mongol Rally is finished, I spent 10 weeks sat in a car driving 17,000 miles across the world and what a trip it was, but, now it is time to look to other adventures and for some things that I have in mind I need to be fit… So being an adventurer what better why than to say walk from the Coast to the most isolated town on Dartmoor, Princetown. 

Tips for inter-railing

Tips for inter railing from the UK

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Inter Railing a great way to travel around Europe, it is also a great as a first time medium term travelling option. Ideal for students and young people under the age of 25 after that well I would recommend another type of transport maybe horseback would be good. I would like to explain first of all that is just an account of what I discovered in the cities that I visited on my Inter Rail. There are many other ways to get cheaper to places. Travelling out of the UK: Ok, first and foremost after you have decided on which […]

Osprey Talon 22

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Osprey’s Description: “Iconic is the word often used by people to describe our Talon series. Why? We believe iconic products should define a category; so we  take it as a compliment. When it comes to a perfect all-rounder the Talon- 22 won’t disappoint, after all it’s designed to cling to your back like a frightened monkey. The AirScape back panel and die-cut foam hipblet and harness keeps your load under close control but allows ventilation to run free. The shoulder harness is length adjustable, to fit you just right. The zipped pockets on each side of the hip belt allow quick […]

Coombe Vale Nature Reserve

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Lovely after today, despite some spring rain. That did not put myself and my brother off exploring Coombe Vale Nature Reserve  and playing football. It is only a short walk down Vale. Which good to have some nature right on your doorstep.  After playing football I realised now unfit I am. Nonetheless it was nice to have a kick about. We found that there are a lot of flowers out to play at the minute especially bluebells and snowdrops. As always I am looking forward to the next outing although,