Exploring the Chalamain Gap in snow

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Being an early riser, I was up first and although somewhat prepared for it, I was still shocked to see that all, I mean all, of the snow was gone. A powerful warm front had come in over the night. The strong winds from yesterday were a pretty good indicator of this. As it happened, we were looking to have a shorter day today anyway, as we had 5am wake up for the long drive home the following day. We had been chatting about our options, these were – heading to the mountain’s vs being out of the wind, which […]

Cairngorm: into the white unknown…

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An early 6:30 start wasn’t appreciated by everyone to say the least. But if the weather report was to be believed and all went well and summiting Ben Macdui, the early start would soon all be forgotten. Myself and three others were up first, cooking breakfast for the rest of the gang while they slowly awoke from their slumber. Gearing up for the day ahead it was my turn to drive from Granton-on-spey to the Ski Resort where we would be leaving the vehicles. It was a colder day and the weather was on the turn making our time window […]

Exploring a White Cairngorms: Day 1

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The Drive… Being asked to help out with a university trip to Cairngorms in December, was a trip that I couldn’t turn down for several reasons. Having a minimal amount of practical winter mountaineering experience, it was the prefect opportunity to change this. The date was set for, just before Christmas and with 14 others, we would be spending 3 days in Cairngorms National Park. Having recently pass my summer Mountain Leader Assessment, I’ve been reading a lot of mountaineering books, mainly Mountaincraft and Leadership as prep. Within them was, also, a theoretical knowledge of winter mountaineering, so this was […]

Dartmoor’s vivid History

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Spending a weekend out on Dartmoor is always incredible, even if it’s foggy and you can only see around 5 metres ahead of you. I had organised for sever al people to come together to go camping, do a bit of a night walk and then a longer walk the following day. The plan was to walk around 20 miles over the duration of the entire trip, while camping at a pub overnight. The weather forecast for the weekend was not great at all, with visibility being all but none existent, with rain and a slight chill in the air […]

The Adventure Travel Show 2018

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The Adventure Travel Show is a fantastic show for anybody looking to for a alternative travel or adventure. During the course of the two day show in London Olympia, there’s a lot going on; planning your own adventure seminars, talks from professional adventurers, and stands from tour companies and tourist boards. This year there were talks from some fairly big adventurers including; Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Dave Cornthwaite, Leon McCarron, Pip Stewart and Austin Vince. These Speakers all came from All the speakers who presented did a grand job of inspiring the audience to take on there own adventures. Being around so […]

Hidden Gems of Boston: Stuck in time, in a 3 storey map.

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There are several hidden gems in Boston and I’m positive that this list is not all of them.  This is a just select few that I found, with a little bit of help from a local. The Mapparium, located in the the Mary Eddy Baker Library. This 3 storey stained-glass globe in viewed from the inside on a 9.1m bridge. It was completed in 1935 based on the Rand Mcnally political map from 1934. Since then it has been opened up for debate to update this globe, each time it was put off. Standing in the centre of the Mapparium, […]

Can you explore Central Dublin in 15 hours?

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In November 2017, I booked a flights between the United Kingdom and Boston. Now in order to make it as cheap as possible, I choose to fly with hand luggage only and went from the cheapest destination I could find. This was a slight problem. as it In order to get the cheapest possible flight from the United Kingdom to America, worked out to fly to Ireland first and then onwards to America. It makes no sense really, but if that was the cheapest then I would do it. Doing  this left me in Dublin with a 18 hour layover. […]

My 17 most incredible experiences in 2017

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With 2017 over, it’s now time to have a little reflection on the adventures that I had, the people I meet and the incredible cultures that I had the opportunity to experience. In total I would say I spent over 8 months of the year adventuring which wasn’t always good fun – that’s a whole other set of experiences. Nealry all of these months were spent with Global Convoy. These are just a hand picked few experiences in places that blow me away with awe, horror and amazement, among some other emotions. 1. Machu Picchu, Peru Machu Picchu has been on […]

Hitchhiking in Japan

Global Convoy Hitchhiking: Day 4

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The second failure… After failing to hitch last night we had to spend another night in the services. We put our failure down to the fact that we looked rather too crazy for the people of Gotemba. The second failure was our inability to wake up… Instead of waking up at 6 as planned we both woke up at 10. On the plus side we both felt very refreshed at least. Hitching again We waited in the services for 3 hours, waiting for a kind person to pick us up. Then we met Tagahasi the coach driver! Yes, this gentleman […]

Wooden bridge

Global Convoy Hitchhiking: Day 3 

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The View We woke up late, but it was worth after last nights adventure. We also had an amazing view of Mount Fuji. Or would  have been if it was not for all the fog.  It was also the day we decided to go for a causal stroll up a mountain. The Volcanoes! Leaving our, car park we walked up to a local campsite where the kind receptionist lets us leave our bags for the day. Our causal stroll looking at the maps was 5km or an hour an half walk, how stupid us to think this… The mountain, was […]