Westcountry Adventures

Animals out in the sun…

On waking up after a relatively good nights sleep – the post below has day 1 of the adventure – it was time to get home and get off to a meal for midday. Leaving Chalk Ford we headed towards Scorriton on the Two Moors Way, before heading back on ourselves to the open moor. This track took us through some meadows, we noticed on the way several bird watching towers in the valley below. Another 500 metres down the track we came across a large herd of deer, there must have been at least 30 maybe more, being very stealth like and following the path we managed to get about 30 metres away from them. We were then picked up and they were gone at incredible pace down the hill. They soon disappeared as we carried on walking a very large stag came up on to the crest of the hill. I had never seen a stag this close before there are really quite large animals especially with a large set of antlers.

Moving away from the deer we headed out to open moorland and pick a track that would take us back to Combestone Tor via the Holne Moor Tin workings. But this is Dartmoor and tracks are very good at not being in the right place or even there at all! While trying to find the path on our way we came across yet more wildlife, this time a fox hunting which was a little bit of a surprise to me as foxes are mainly nocturnal. Yet another great photo opportunity missed! I think a new camera is in order does anybody have any suggestions? 

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