Slovenian Mountain Trail

*If you want to do the trail and what to know about the preparation and links check out this blog post

How and why did this happen?

So how and why did I end up planning to walk the Slovenia Mountain Trail.  Well, at the start of the year I decided that in October, I am going to do a long distance walk. Getting back to my routes of hiking and mountaineering having spent the last few years being very inactive, on the walking front, by long distance driving on the Global Convoy expedition.

I wanted to head out of the UK for this trek, the first place I looked was Romania and the idea was to circumnavigate the country by walking and kayaking. However, plotting a potential route out, it quickly became a multiple month adventure with 3,000km to do. One for the future.

The next option, was to walk between Sarajevo (Bosnia) and Tirana (Albania), however, there was the slight issue with there being a large quantity of landmines in the Bosnian countryside, not something I fancied having a run in with.

Looking into other routes, in other countries, I finally, came across the Slovenia Mountain Trail and it looked perfect, apart from the weather being a bit hit and miss in October. It could basically do anything, from  being warm and 8c or have 3 metres of snow and be -5c.

That is something, at least,  I can manage and deal with, planning wise.

So it was set, the only thing was to do some planning and have some people to come on board with  me on the trip.

What is the Slovenia Mountain Trail?

“It begins in Maribor and crosses the plateaus of the Pohorje Hills, from where you already have a glimpse of the tallest Alpine summits in the distance. The trail first enters the Alps in the Kamnik and Savinja Alpine range, as it runs across its highest peaks, and then the trail continues along the long Karavanke range, which separates Slovenia from Austria. From there, it again descends into the valley and soon rises into the heart of the Julian Alps, to Mount Triglav and the steepest peaks, with breathtaking views following one after another as the trail approaches the Adriatic Sea. Each of these peaks offers a wonderful view and experience, and each step takes you closer to the sea. However, before you reach it, you must still climb many higher and lower mountains in the pre-Alpine foothills, the inspiring Karst Region, and then, suddenly, a sea breeze cools your tired body.” –

The 600km Slovenia Mountain Trail. (in a very rough layout here is a better version of the route)