Global Convoy First Around the World Expedition

The Global Convoy first round the world Expedition was an idea that hatched from the Mongol Rally on streets of Moscow, by Max and myself. The idea was simple, take the worst cars we could find and then see how far around the world these cars could take us. Instead of it just being ourselves, we opened the trip up to everyone.  Inviting anyone to join us on any section in our cars or in their own car. That was a vague plan we then gave ourselves 6 months to organize “everything” or our case not a lot at all.

Max teamed up with old school friend Becca, to buy the Skoda Felicia for £75, while I found myself another Micra for £150. I made some changes to the Micra so it was in a good working state for the fast approaching launch date. This included changing all the brakes, filters, serviceable parts, parts of the front suspension and adding some fog lights.

A week before we left Teignmouth, to attempt this some what mad challenge, the adventure was shared to many Facebook groups and sites, inciting hundreds of people trying to join the expedition all across Europe.

Here is a brief explanation of the Global Convoy First Around the World Expedition, more videos can be find on YouTube.

When I get some time in the future, I shall write up a full post of my experiences from the Global Convoy First Around the World Expedition.

This trip was incredible a lot of things happened. Including my leaving of the group in March 2018 for several reasons. I wish them well on there future trips.

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