Who is Richard?

Hi, name is Richard I am described by many as a little bit mad. I honestly don't know what they mean. Currently I am Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a qualified Mountain Leader. I now led groups on international expeditions around the world along with organising many adventures for all you. Have a look at my current adventures.

I grew up living in seaside town of Teignmouth, Devon. Growing up on the coast, I embraced water based adventures from young age! These included sea swimming, kayaking and canoeing. Changing from water I then took to the land and air getting involved with Ten Tors taking him all over Dartmoor and beyond. Simultaneously I joined the Air Training Corps were I had many adventures, flying, shooting, mountaineering and learning a whole host of skills, then went on to gain 30+ hours flying and a few hours solo flights.

The Arctic Survival Challenge in Sweden was the first international challenge for me. The Challenge entailed sleeping outside in temperatures as low as -35°C, in snow holes and shelter from the forest. 

The Mongol Rally in 2015. This journey from Teignmouth, UK to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia was my first big adventure into the unknown. We drove through Iran, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, and nearly all of Russia, all in a 1996 Nissan Micra. This trip is eye-opening to all that experience it, to have a look into the diverse cultures outside of Western Europe.

During the Mongol Rally part 2, returning to Teignmouth, on a night in Moscow the words, “What’s stopping us in Mongolia?” were thrown around a table. This idea would become the Global Convoy  an insane attempt to circumnavigate the globe in truly ridiculous and inadequate cars, picking up new friends, of any nationality, along the way, this is where you probably know my trusty micra from.  


Throughout all of these adventures I have personally experienced and seen how all our mental states fluctuates as well as our understanding of other people around the world. From heading in to countries that the media say are dangerous and full of terrible people to find that this is not the case. Being outdoors can massively help the mental state of everyone.