My 17 most incredible experiences in 2017

With 2017 over, it’s now time to have a little reflection on the adventures that I had, the people I meet and the incredible cultures that I had the opportunity to experience. In total I would say I spent over 8 months of the year adventuring which wasn’t always good fun – that’s a whole other set of experiences. Nealry all of these months were spent with Global Convoy. These are just a hand picked few experiences in places that blow me away with awe, horror and amazement, among some other emotions.

Machu Picchu
Taken whilst on the Global Convoy.

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu has been on my list of things to see for a very long time. I remember seeing pictures from school and online about the Incan “University” in the Peruvian mountains. This was one of reasons that Machu Picchu made it to my list, also that a lot of it’s history, to this day, is still fairly unknown and there is something very inquisitive to me.

Looking over the north side of the Island

2. Utila, Honduras

Were do I begin! Utila is a small island off the coast of Honduras, that is home to both native Honduran’s, expats and large selection of wildlife. This is also were I went snorkelling for the first time in my life, being able to see coral reef in such a way was incredible.

G20 Riots
Staying in the Epicentre of the riots

3. G20 Riots, Hamburg

This was a more terrifying experience. Staying with some amazing friend’s of friend’s in Hamburg, quite literally, in the epicentre of the riots. This was an experience like no other seeing violence, from my understanding that was, for no real reason other than people could.

Atacama Desert
Returning from Exploring the Mountains

4. Atacama Desert, Peru

Waking up surrounded by desert, then climbing up a nearby mountain to witness the vast expanse of mountainous desert. This was a moment of realisation more than anything, why had I never heard about this huge desert in Peru? It’s a country full of jungle and mountains? How little I still know.

Exploring the Aztec Ruins in Palenque Mexico with the Global Convoy

5. Palenque, Mexico

Palenque is one of my more “oh crap, I messed up” experiences in 2017. This was the place that me and a few others got lost in the jungle, which is a somewhat scary experience. To be fair, it wasn’t like we were hundreds of miles away from civilization, only a mere few hundred metres from the path. This was more than plenty to give me a shock.

Indian's Nose
Hiking up above Lake Atitlan

6. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

This was more of the adventurous place in 2017, hiking up Indian’s Nose to witness the sun rise, ride on top of a chicken bus down a 1,000m mountain side, kayak through abandoned houses in the lake and were I meet some lifelong friends. In total, my time in Atitlan was a fun filled adventure.

San Bernados Island
Sunny beach’s just off the shore of Rincon del Mar.

7. Rincon del Mar, Columbia

Staying in Rincon del Mar a small village on the Caribbean coast line reasonably untouched by tourism. It was a relaxing point of 2017 being away from the city life and to meet the local people. Gaining a better understanding of life in a slightly more remote part of Colombia.

Rio de Janeiro
Exploring Rio de Janeiro

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro in itself is a truly amazing place. What made this place stand out for me was the way I was able to explore the city. I was flown to Rio by a friend, who I met for 2 days in Ireland, who I haven’t seen in two years. He then organised for me to stay with some of his friends, who guided me around the city.

Walking through the Cocora Valley, Salento Columbia a truly amazing and magical place.

9. Salento, Colombia,

This town, in central Colombia surround by mountains and dense jungle. It also has a valley of super tall palm trees. I would have loved to have stayed explored some of the huge mountains nearby and maybe climb a few. But time on the Convoy couldn’t allow it.

Hammocking in Gualchan, Ecuador a truly fantastic place

10. Gualchan, Ecuador

Spending the night camping in Gualchan is one of my top highlights, staying in a really remote part of Ecuadorian mountains and jungle. Having a very relaxed evening around a fire with good friends and then spending some time with people in the local village the morning after.

Exploring Antigua’s central square

11. Antigua, Guatemala

Now this was an incredible place for so many reasons firstly, it’s a really beautiful city surround by volcanoes, Fuego is very active and most days can be seen erupting. It’s also were I got together with my current girlfriend. So for me Antigua is a very special place.

Bolivian Salt Flats
Having fun in the Salt Flats.

12. The Bolivian Salt Flats

This day was possibly the best day of the year. Driving the Micra around the famous Bolivian Salt Flats and start of the Dakar Rally. With nothing but salt for miles in every direction, this was a good opportunity to have some fun and do some very questionable driving.

Peak District
An Autumnal walk in the Hope Valley.

13. Peak district, United Kingdom

I had never explored the Peak District properly until 20171 Just wow! It’s such a beautiful place right only a short(ish) drive from where I live. Seeing the history, climbing some hills and mountain biking with the Adventure Pedlars who also let me and the Global Convoy Crew stay at their bunk house.

Trying to find away down in to the valley around the city.

14. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of my most visited countries. In 2017 I spent time exploring the northern part of the country with its huge amount of castles, many of which are still in good condition. I happened to be in city at the same time as the Luxembourgish National Day or the Grand Duke’s Birthday.

Salt Mines
Exploring the Salt mines in Peru

15. Salt Mines, Peru

Visiting the Salt Mines was a great day in its self. What made this day especially great experience, was when a group of us ended up staying after hours with the miners. One of the miners then invited us back to his town to talk some more.

Looking towards the Sun Temple at Teotihuacán

16. Teotihuacán, Mexico

Teotihuacán, the Aztec Sun and Moon Temple had always been a place that I have wanted to visit. Acturally going here and exploring the Temples, learning about engineering and getting to know a little bit about the culture of the Aztec’s was really interested.

San Pedro Sula
André riding on the front of a train in San Pedro Sula.

17. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Visiting the 2nd murder capital of the world. Was an eye-opening experience even though the statistics are terrible doesn’t mean that all the people are. I personally had amazing experience playing football with children in the streets; riding a train through the city centre that had run in many years.

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