Richard Matthews

Richard Matthews


Richard Matthews is a British Adventurer, Speaker and Mental Health Advocate. Who is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Having a firm believe that the outdoors is critical to better the mental health and education of everyone. Having been through depression and anxiety separately with adventure being the key for him bettering his own mental health. Richard has the attitude of giving everything a go from the more obscure and dangerous to the incredible. This has him on some incredible adventures completing the Mongol Rally, circumnavigating the world in a Nissan Micra to hiking the 600km Slovenia Mountain Trail.

To get more people outdoors Richard helps with Driven to Extremes and founded Adventure Stories.

Richard Matthews
Richard Matthews in the Alps
Hitchhiking in Japan
richard matthews, micra, nissan, salt flats
Global Convoy Photo taken on the Global Convoy First Around the World Expedition

What's Your Mindset?

Taking from Richard's experiences with dealing with depression and his adventures from all around the world doing in variety of different activities. Most importantly though now his mindset has fluctuated, from being alone, to being with other people in a confide space for several months at a time. 

Achievement is something everything strives, but sometimes it seems out of reach. Richard will leave the audience with a new sense of being able to achieve through the Potential of Positivity and being prepared for any situation through is, honest, emotional and thought provoking performance.