Westcountry Adventures

Sunset over Dartmoor

Yet another glorious evening down here in sunny Devon, another bouldering session was on the cards with difference this time though. As I am still injured with my knees being messed up and being able to bend my left leg past about 30 degrees. Any how enough of me trying to get sympathy, as we were having a BBQ as well it took us a while to get up on to the moor via a trip to Sainsbury’s for some food.

Once on Hound Tor we had a roam around trying to find some routes, Cam decided to solo a line near to Hung Like a Baboon. Drew and Cam took his fandango camera to get some amazing pictures of the approaching sunset, more annoyingly he has not sent them to me so I cannot share them with you. However, Cameron did get this pretty nice photo on his camera.

Sunset from Hound Tor

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