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Sunbathing and a walk

Saturday another yet another glorious day (this sunshine has to end soon though). A good day for going for a gentle stroll and sunbathing. I picked up Phil and we headed up to Princetown and the home of the Fox Tor cafe. Before venturing in to the Fox Tor we needed to work up an appetite, from Princetown we headed towards Nun’s Cross Farm a pleasant walk in it’s self, we saw a fair few people out on the path, as well as, several planes flying around including a bi-plane not a common site these days.

Before getting down to Nun’s Cross Farm we cut down to the Older Bridge before following the Devonport Leat, there is a lovely little campsite at Older Bridge. Just be cautious if you are planning on camping in this region, as you are not actually supposed to be camping in the catchment area of the Burrator Resivour. I have heard of a few people that have been moved on, but, to be honest they where camping near to the roads so where discovered more easily, if staying on the open moor I doubt you will have a problem.

Following the leat above Crazy Well Pool and down to the aqueduct just below Black Tor, a truly magnificent sight and there is a campsite right next to the river. It was also really hot being in a valley and out of the wind a good opportunity to sunbath and a spot of reading and what better to read than a Dartmoor climbing guide book, unfortunately for us there were no routes on Black Tor. We still went up to have a look around and discovered a brilliant, but brave bivi. It is about 8 feet off the ground within the bigger section of the tor facing the Logan Stone to the north and the aqueduct to the south. Even the tallest person could have fitted on this ledge, I tired it out and even fully stretched out there was still a foot free. The only problem is that you get it wrong it is a long and painful drop.

Leaving Black Tor we headed up on to Hart Tor before following a “path” back to Princetown and well deserved ice cream from the Fox Tor Cafe.

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