Adventures from the snow, mountains, driving, water and air.

The world is a forever changing place as we develop further in to the Digital age we continuously bombarded with media perceptions of the worlds and other cultures. As a firm believer that everyone should experience the great outdoors and adventure my talks reflect things

My talks area all based around around the idea of adventure is necessary for us to succeeded in anything in life. Looking in to how get out on the expedition big or small, starting your adventure now and keeping going and what adventure has taught me as person.

Adventure Travel Show
Presenting on stage with the Global Convoy Team Members at the Adventure Travel Show. Photo by Ben Arthur
NCS Keynote
Giving a talk at the National Citizens Service Black Country Graduation

I feel that your talk will have inspired some of them to not be afraid to investigate further the possibilities of them travelling the world and hope that they will indeed do so.

Talks of 2018:

Top of the Gorge: 22 – 24th June
Okehampton Rotary Club: 6th September (Private event)
National Citizen Service Graduation: 9th September (Private Event)
Adventure Overland Show: 23rd September 15:00 – 16:00
Yes Stories a night of adventure: 24th September from 18:45 onwards
South West Outdoor Festival: 6th October @16:00 – 16:30

If you are interested in a talk please get in contact by email: richard@rmadventures.co.uk


Some of the things that have been said about my talks in the past:

o   “Yesterdays assembly was both inspirational and informative. The experiences that the speaker shared with us has shown me how much you can do with limited resources. Personally I plan to do road trips around Europe and America in the coming years and seeing the extent of possibility’s has inspired me to plan a more adventurous route for my journey. It has also shown me that you don’t need much to travel and even a £75 car can make it around the world!”

o   “I really enjoyed the assembly on the Mongol Rally, the information provided showed the limitless potential a group of people can do with little money or organisation. The video really inspired me and other students to participate in the rally, and the speakers experience in the Ten Tors was very similar to my experiences on the moors and gave me inspiration to do an expedition beyond the UK.”

-Teignmouth Community School Sixth Form