Join an adventure

Do you want to be part of an adventure? 

Share experiences with some like minded people?

Or do you simply want to try something new?

I have complied a list of adventurers, organizations and social groups who all share this ethos of “getting out on an adventure” from a days cycling trip in the UK to walking to South Pole. There is an adventure out there for everyone.

Here’s my short list of adventure groups:

  • Global Convoy: a group who have driven around the world and now want take everyone on a mad adventure.
  • Explorers Connect: Meeting up in Bristol and London Explorers Connect Members have scaled Everest, Kayaked seas and Cycled thousands of miles.
  • Driven to Extremes: Join Veterans suffering with PTSD on Extreme driving challenges around the world.
  • Peruvian Banger Rally: Taking terrible cars and driving them across South America.
  • The Yes Tribe A group that started in London that has now spread across the globe saying Yes to adventures.
  • NOMADS: A huge Facebook group of people from all around the world many of whom are currently traveling a great resource for meeting other adventurers
  • Hitchhiking Europe: A group of people planning or on mainly hitch-hiking adventure through Europe.

These are the ones I have heard about, if you know any resources for adventurers and travellers, please drop me a message.