Good day, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to RM Adventures, which has been collecting dust for the last year thanks to another project -we’ll come to that in a minute.

I started this website, including the blog, YouTube channel, and other features in the hope that I could inspire others to get out of their daily lives and experience something new, while bringing people together from around the world. I know it may be cliché to say “I want to inspire people” but I do. I want to inspire people to explore the world and engage with people from outside their own community.

I caught the adventure travel bug back in February 2014, when I decided to take on the Arctic Survival Challenge in Sweden. The Challenge entailed sleeping outside in temperatures as low as -32°C,  in a shelter that we built ourselves. It was pretty damn cold! It was, however, an incredible trip that I would recommend to anyone interested in winter outdoorsmanship. (If anyone is interested on taking on your own Arctic Challenge, contact Nigel at Intrepid Expeditions.) Later that year, it didn’t take much to convince me to go Interrailing around Europe.

A year later, after nearly 8 months of planning, I set off on the Mongol Rally with the team I founded, The Top Hat Explorers. This journey from Teignmouth, UK to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia was my first big adventure into the unknown. We drove through Iran, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, and the length of Russia, all in a 1996 Nissan Micra. It was an eye-opening experience to have a look into the diverse cultures outside of Western Europe.

During the Mongol Rally, I met a chap called Max and after several drinks in Moscow, we wondered out loud, “What’s stopping us in Mongolia?” That night, the idea for the Global Convoy was born  –an insane attempt to circumnavigate the globe in truly ridiculous and inadequate cars, picking up new friends, of any nationality, along the way.

I am currently in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) wandering through the beautiful snowy landscapes and working on preparing a schedule of adventures for 2018 with the Global Convoy team. You can find out more about those trips how you can join us on one of our trips follow this link.

Happy exploring everyone, I look forward to meeting some of you!