Richard Matthews

Richard Matthews is a British adventurer from Devon, who is passionate about social adventures. Whether these adventures are vehicle based overlanding, kayaking or mountaineering it doesn’t matter it’s all an adventure that can be shared with others. The idea of sharing an experience such as adventure with strangers is something that is necessary. Richard is also very passionate about reconnecting people with the great outdoors. This something that people are beginning to lose as humans progress further in to the digital age.

Having completed many expeditions, both nationally and internationally. Having circumnavigated the globe in a Nissan Micra on the Global Convoy Expedition, to living in a snow hole in Sweden or Hitch hiking across Japan. These have all been tremendous adventures of learning and never alone.

Richard is now inspiring others through his adventures talks and taking people out on adventures. He is also bringing people together with larger events, such as the Teignmouth Outdoor Festival and Adventure Stories.

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Richard Matthews in Kyrgyzstan
Photo by Andre Correia
Richard Matthews Hitch hiking in Japan
Photo by André Correia